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How to Grab Fresh Leads Using This Awesome Text Messaging Connector

Looking for a fresh way to boost your email opt-in list? Check this out. 

We’ve recently been experimenting with a service from It’s called Lead Digits. This is a mobile opt-in lead gen solution. It builds leads based on people texting a keyword to the short code that’s been assigned to it. This might be a good way to list build at one of your live events, or off the side of your building.

People walking around see a sign that says something like “Make Your Car Sparkle Brighter Than Tinker Bell’s Youknowwhat. Text FREEPOLISH to 7733 for a Free Sample.”  Or maybe while you’re in front of the room you want to get people to sign up for an upcoming event. They can text SIGNMEUP to 3933 to get opted into your list. Maybe they text WHITEPAPER to 9993 and get your super awesome white paper about your super-awesome selves. (These numbers are totally made up examples). Once they opt-in via SMS, then the system automatically emails them with whatever information you wish them to have, and their email address is now in your database for future mailings. No annoying forms to fill out.

The email you send them could contain a coupon code or a link to a hidden “buy” page, PDF file download, video . Endless options there.

Getting people to opt in for stuff is problematic, at best. This is a pretty friction-free technique.  

Here is the video describing the service: 

The link to the video is here:

We have access to this platform, and would be happy to talk to you if we can assist in any way. 

Attached are screen shots of an example I’m testing. 

lead-digits-lastoutpost sample-screen-shot

If you’d like to test this out,  text LASTOUTPOST to 44222 and see what happens. (make sure there are no spaces in LASTOUTPOST)

Ps. You might be thinking this is just a sneaky way for me to get you to read my book. I genuinely believe this could be an extremely useful idea for your business. Of course, if you want to test it out on my— cough, cough — book, I can delete you from the database if you wish afterwards.


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