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Why Can’t I Upload Long Videos to YouTube Any More?

youtube-logo-creative-87Yesterday, we were able to upload movies longer than 15 minutes to our client’s Youtube channel. Today we weren’t. What gives? Doing a search for solutions to this problem only brought us to pages describing how to lift the restriction on 15 minute video length uploads. We had already gone through the process of authorizing Longer Videos. Clearly something else was amiss in Tube Ville.

When we first discovered the issue, we were worried that the client’s account had somehow been blackballed; perhaps through copyright violations or some such. Given that we’re generating original content, the likelihood of having a violation was, to say the least, not bloody likely.

Poking around Youtube’s settings, we discovered that the client’s account was Not Verified. Could this be the cause? YES.

To re-lift the restriction on uploading long videos to Youtube, even if you were able to previously post long stuff, here is what you need to do:

1. Log into your Youtube account.

2. Locate your avatar in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window, and click on that. (see screen shots below).

3. Click the Gear (Youtube Settings) icon next to the button labeled “Creator Studio”.

4. In the Overview, click View Additional Features. (This is in the lower left-hand portion of your screen).

5. Under Features, you should see Account status. Just below that you should see your avatar. If you don’t see the word “Verified” next to your account name, this is why you are prevented from uploading long videos. (The restriction exists even if you see a green indicator next to the words Longer Videos in the list of options below.)

6. Go through the process of verifying the account.

7. You should be good to upload that whopper of a video, Mon’Amie.


Step 1

Step 1: Access Youtube Settings


Step 4: How to upload long videos to Youtube

Step 4 Access Youtube’s Additional Features


Step 5: How to upload long videos to Youtube

Step 5: Make Sure Your Account is Verified

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