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How to Make Your iPhone LED Light Flash to Alert You of Incoming Messages

While drinking beer and basically making nuisances of ourselves the other night I noticed my friend’s phone LED would flash each time he got a text, call or email.

At first it looked like he had attached some 3rd party aftermarket bling to his phone. But it was not so.

If you’re familiar with the LED light on the iPhone 4 and 4S, then you know how retina-meltingly bright this thing can be. It was this light that I saw flashing. And it really got my attention.

If I were deaf,  this could be good! If the phone was out of earshot…or if I had the Bouncing Souls cranked up in my headphones, this could be handy too. So…I wanted the flashy thing. Basically you’re making the camera flash go off each time the phone has an alert. No bling. No money required.

Hold onto your seat because this takes a whopping 30 seconds to accomplish. (if that long).

Here is the  procedure for getting your iPhone LED to flash for incoming calls, text or email:

Settings—-> General —–> Accessibility  —–> LED Flash for Alerts (slide to ON). That’s it.

So now you can SEE when your phone needs your attention. I don’t know about you but HEARING other people’s phones go off…especially custom ringtones make me want to kill myself. But for the light flashy thing to go off…that’s sort of cool. Though, you might want to stow that flashy crap when you’re in the movie theater.

I got a couple of questions about the Featured Image I chose for this post. That’s a photo I took of my iPhone 4S with my iPhone 4. This photo has NOT been retouched. The lens flares just showed up that way…even colored that way. You may recognize the MOPHIE case, which is why you see that rim around the flash. Sometimes good photos just happen!

Have you found other “native” things you can do to make your iPhone more useful? I’d love to hear about it. Shoot me your tips!


  • Victormeldew

    this dose not work dont waste your time boooring

    • Faradayb

      It works when the phone is locked

  • Lexierome

    It works only if your iPhone is locked and you receive a call or text .

    • Tasha Crites-Blom

      That helped me figure out my problem. WIll it do it if it is on silent?

  • Pmauriciomedeiros

    Thanks a lot. This was a great help !  

  • Shamirfe

    for me the last item i could see in the accesibility is the —>>> triple-click home, i could not see the LED flash alert, can anyone here could help me why or what should i do to find that led flash alert, need HELP pls………….. thanks……..

    • scotteallen

      Hi Shamirfe, Thanks for the note. 
      You might check that you are on iOS 6.x. I’m not sure what the earliest release that this was added. 

  • Madz Foster

    I turned it on but it does not work! I have googled and looked everywhere for the answer but can’t find it – What do u do if the LED light still doesn’t go off when your ringer rings????? If anyone has an answer please share it! Thank you

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