How to Fix a Roku that Won’t Connect to the Internet

roku-hdCongratulations! You’ve finally made the leap into the world of streaming media players. Personally I think the Roku is super slick. But I had this experience the other day, when trying to set one up for a friend of mine, that almost put the kibosh on our Bomb Girls. (yes, that’s right, I said Bomb Girls.)

Basically, we got the new Roku all connected. We fired it up and started the setup process. The Roku recognized her Wi-Fi, and once we put the password in, it was able to connect to the local network. However, when it tried to connect to the Internet (essentially the outside world), the process failed. Red light! I’ve set up three Rokus in three different houses. I’ve never encountered this problem before. My immediate suspicion was that my friend’s router was somehow denying Roku’s connection to the Internet.

Before taking the plunge into full-on troubleshooting, I wanted to make sure that Cox hadn’t set up the router, or her service, in a way that might prevent the use of a streaming player. So we called Cox.Β After about 45 minutes with the rep, who was really nice by the way, the Roku was still FUBAR. However, right after hanging up with Cox I stumbled across what turned out to be the root cause of the problem.

The quick fix: make sure your router’s DNS settings are properly set to an External IP address. If DNS1 or DNS2 show Β up as internal IPs such as: 192.168.1.x, then your Roku won’t connect to the Internet.

    Here is the detailed fix:

  1. Login to your router. (typically this is done through an internal ip address like You enter this IP address directly into your web browser same as you would a website. **NOTE some people actually enter web addresses into Google, and then navigate that way. This won’t work. Enter the IP address directly into the browser’s Location or Navigation bar at the top. This will take you to your router’s login screen.Β *NOTE sometimes the router’s default password is “password”. But it’s possible that your password was changed during installation. If you don’t have your router’s password, contact your Internet provider.
  2. Once logged into your router, navigate to its DNS settings. My guess is that if your Roku isn’t working, it’s because rather than an external IP address being used for your DNS, the router is set to use an internal IP address. (Your computer is able to overcome this because it has built-in DNS settings, but the Roku looks to the router for this information.)
  3. Replace the internal DNS address with a public DNS address. What worked for us was using Google’s public DNS. So set DNS1 to and DNS2 to .
  4. Save your settings.
  5. Run the Roku setup again. If you still aren’t able to connect to the Internet, then bounce (unplug) the router. Leave it unplugged for 15 seconds. Then power it back up. Try again with the Roku. If that doesn’t work, bounce the Roku. Leave it unplugged for 15 seconds, plug the power back in. The 15-second rule with computers and hardware is surprisingly effective.
  6. If you’ve set the DNS properly, your Roku should now (finally) connect to the Internet. When this happens, it will complete its setup process and you should be good to go.

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  • PickPeace

    I’m came across this while trying to solve my own Roku setup issues. My problem was an inability to connect to my local network, however. The easy way to fix it: temporarily disable your wireless security to get the Roku through initial setup and updating of software, then re-enabled my wireless security, Then I re-connected to the now-protected wireless with the Roku without issue. Hope this helps others having the same problem I did!

    • PickPeace

      Uh, oops. Typo. *I came across this….

      • kalinakauai

        Thanks PickPeace and Scott! We spent 2 hours on this and will try again tomorrow. First we couldn’t connect to the wireless, but used Scott’s tip and it worked. Then we couldn’t connect to the local and found PickPeace’s solution. Well it did work, but then I couldn’t go to to register the device code. I then put the security back on and that seemed to d/c the Roku, but I was able to go to the registration page. When I tried entering the code it said invalid code because my husband said right before it d/c, the Roku gave a new code which he didn’t write down before the Roku went off. Hopefully I’ll be able to somehow juggle the on/off security issue to be able to both connect and register. At least we’re getting there slowly.
        So PickPeace, do you recall at what point you could re-enable the security? Was it before registering or after?

        • kalinakauai

          I wrote two other updates, but deleted them since no one should have to read such a long confused story. This is what finally worked for my Roku 1/ Belkin N750 issues:

          Rather than disable (although that works) security, I changed the Security to WPA2-PSK where it says “authentication” and chose a 10 digit/letter passcode for the PSK

      • kalinakauai

        This Roku vs. Belkin issue is still an unsolved mystery! At one point it finally connected to all three (wireless network, local network, internet) and I was able to register and watch Amazon. But later when I re-enabled the Security, it disconnected. Tried all kinds of suggestions for hours. Sometimes it wouldn’t connect to even the wireless. We gave up when it connected to wireless, but not to local. Then an hour later, I went back again and although it again gave me the red X on “local” I defiantly pressed the AMAZON button on the remote. To my amazement it connected to Amazon and I was able to watch! What?!?!

        • kalinakauai

          Yet another update: We found out that it had connected to our neighbor’s unsecured wireless (but not the “local connection”) and was registered this way. So today we started all over.

          We were again unable to connect unless we disabled security and keep it
          off. When we enable it, it disconnects. I have no idea why it worked
          last night without the local network connection. I don’t want to leave the security off (although it is kept on for our computer).

          Any other ideas?

    • scotteallen

      Great info. Thanks for sharing!

  • Grrr-roku

    terrific info – worked exactly as you said. Too bad Roku doesn’t account for this potential problem and help with the fix. Thank you so much

    • scotteallen

      Agreed. It seems like a logical thing for them to include in setup troubleshooting. Glad the fix worked for you! Thanks for stopping by…

  • Quantum Looper

    So how can I stream media from my computer or phone to a Roku that is on a different network via the Internet? There’s many apps that allow for streaming of media you have stored on a PC or right from your smartphone such as PlayTo, roConnect, PlayOn, Plex…but the PC or phone app seems to be required to be run on the same local network as the Roku…or does it? How is it possible to point my Roku compliant media server running on my PC to a Roku on a totally different network via the Internet? I’d suspect I need to get clever with a vlan or VPN and port forwarding from the router on the Roku side but I’m not too sure. If it can be done it would be awesome. Even more so if live video. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • Donna

    Tried everything and this finally worked. Thank you!!!

    • scotteallen


  • BrendonBrown

    You fixed it for me, thanks!

    • scotteallen

      Very cool. Thanks for the note.

  • Justy

    Hi Scott. Please, please help!

    I purchased a Roku 2xs and cannot get it to connect to either my wifi or when I connect it directly via the Ethernet. It passes the first step and then refuses to connect to the local network with an error code 14.
    I have been on to my ISP and they said there is nothing on their side that is blocking the Roku. I have also been on to roku support (for hours) and they said that the roku is not getting an IP address even when using the Ethernet.
    I have tried all of the steps you detailed and no joy.

    Have you any idea what might be the problem?

    • scotteallen

      Hi Justy. If you’ve rebooted the router, after making sure the DNS issues have been made (and do double check that the DNS edits have indeed “stuck”), then I’d take the Roku over to a friend’s house. Hook it up over there. Fresh wifi. Establish that the Roku itself isn’t kerfuffled in some way. Get a little win under your belt. Once you establish that it can connect out to the Internet properly, you can zero in on your router. The router itself might need to have its firmware updated. The age of your router can also have something to do with it. But again, even if you went in and set your router properly, go back in and double check that the new configs are indeed still there. Sometimes a device can be schizo. Hope this helps. Ping me back. Lemme know how it works out.

  • Sophia

    So easy to understand. I’m really glad I ran across your instructions. Netflix here I come!!

    • scotteallen

      LoL, right on! Lately I’ve been gorging myself on Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead. The only byproduct of this is dreams at night of home invasion by flesh-eating bikers!

  • Andy

    Hi, I need help with my Roku HD.

    I found my IP address, but I don’t know my account name and password.

    • scotteallen

      Which account name and password are you referring?

  • Katie

    See I’ve had my roku over a year now & it’s just deciding not to work anymore.

    • scotteallen

      Can you be a little more specific?

  • Sanket Amin

    This worked for me.

    • scotteallen

      Fantastic. Glad to hear it! πŸ™‚

  • Sri

    Thanks. Amazing. I had my Roku player lying idle because it won’t connect. Finally this worked for me. Thanks a ton!

  • T.r.

    I tried all of the above and my Roku 3 will connect to the wireless network, just not to the local internet. Help πŸ™

    • scotteallen

      T.r. Try taking your Roku to a friend’s house–preferably not someone with the same router/internet situation. See if you can get it hooked up there. Knock out one variable at a time. Let us know how it goes.

  • Amanda Carden

    I tried all of the above and now it won’t even connect to my wireless network (the first step it was at least doing before). I have a funny feeling there is a dimension in hell where you’re perpetually trying connect your roku after hours with idiot support people to no avail, ready to scream and rip your hair out. Oh wait. That’s my reality.

    • scotteallen

      Amanda, any good news? Has your Roku come back to life?

      • Amanda Carden

        For some reason, after I had completely given up, I just left it alone for a few days. It then said my registration period had expired and I had to set it up on my computer and it was magically fixed!!!! It worked!!!! But then I still over all decided the roku just wasn’t for me, so I restored it to factory settings to return it. Only to realize my receipt vanished into thin air. And I’m back to square one of not being able to connect to my local network and have left it on for days trying to get it to expire again, with no luck. I now have a $90 paperweight.

        • scotteallen

          What a bummer. Well, the first thing that I’d try doing is taking the Roku to another house (or office) where you can try connecting it up to a fresh network. See how that goes as a test. If it works elsewhere, then at least you can try to zero in troubleshooting locally. Come back and let us know how it goes? Oh, btw, i’m curious…what made you decide to take the Roku back? Maybe Apple TV or even a Chromecaster would be a better fit?

    • Fischer

      LOL this is me today! I am in the dimension in hell perpetually trying to connect my roku for hours with idiot support people over two hours now and ready to start screaming and ripping hair out of my head!!!!!!!!!! My problem is Roku 3 worked excellent for one year and now it doesn’t stay connected. While nothing else has changed with my internet provider or router and all my other computers are connected fine. I can watch netflix and hulu on my computers but roku keeps dropping connection and freezing for the past two weeks.

  • Jim

    is there any way to take roku apart that does not have a ethernet connection and connect an female ethernet connection to run a hard line

  • Frank Williams

    The suggestion to change the DNS addresses worked for me! I had already configured my Roku last week and all was good until I got a new modem and router this morning(ordered more bandwidth from cable company) . After this my Roku wouldn’t connect to local network. THANKS for the information, was able to fix this fast – I did need to reboot both the modem and my Roku.

    • scotteallen

      Cool! Thanks for stopping by!

  • matt

    Hi – Thanks for publishing your Roku advice, which at least gave me hope!

    I’m on day 2 of trying to set this irritating little thing up. My home wifi (via DSL modem, broadcast through a newer iMac’s airport) flawlessly and easily runs a host of my family’s wireless devices (MacBook pros, pc laptops, iPhones, iTouches, kindles, iPads and a Wii that effortlessly streams TV!) But the Roku 3 sniffs out the Wifi signal easily enough, yet – as seems to be the sad standard for this device according to the interwebs – it somehow can’t figure out a way to connect to LAN and internet. Like legions of other frustrated users, my Roku’s IP is 0.0.0. and I’ve done everything, including getting into the multiple secret screens, (looking in vain for the command to turn off pings) and also trying your advice on assigning a new# in the DNS on my airport network and it is extremely resistant to any of my attempts to connect it.

    What should the Roku’s IP number be on the “secret screen”? And any ideas on how I might get it to change?

    Any further advice/possibilties before I teach it a lesson by hurling it into the nearest harbor? πŸ™‚

    Sorry – so incredibly frustrated…

    • scotteallen

      Matt, sorry for your frustration. I see you posted some time ago. If you still haven’t gotten the Roku working, you might take it to a friend’s house and see if you can get it to work there. A baseline that confirms the device works, is a good place to start.

  • Jill K.

    Thank you, this worked for me as well!

    • scotteallen

      Super cool. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Mo B.

    OMG! You are incredible. I have been so frustrated with my Roku. All of the sudden it stopped connecting. Called for tech support and they wanted to charge me. I email them about my displeasure and low and behold they did call me today right as I was leaving my house. They are going to call back in the am but I will just tell them it is fixed. I really appreciate that you posted these instructions.

    • scotteallen

      LOL… maybe tell them about this post. πŸ™‚ How’s your Roku working for you now?

  • mrgarlic

    Greetings Scott, I am larry. I have and use my Roku 3 for a few years. My problems are always intermittent. Today I connect and watch a movie or two. Tomorrow I can’t watch. Quite often it just freezes. Mostly it starts a movie then stops- reloads-stops-reloads. I have connected –dis connected— un powered – powered, sometime helps sometimes not ?? I always watch Amazon. Amazon says not their problem. I use WIFI with a fast signal and router is just 10′ away. — 15.5 up 5.5 down— I am able to hardwire from modem if that would help. Does time of day or day of week affect signals. When I am having problems, I quite often go to ” CHOW” CHANNEL to check connection. it is working great,,,, Any suggestions

    • scotteallen

      The first thing I would try would be to take the Roku to a friend’s house. Make sure he/she’s not with the same Internet provider. See if you can get the Roku to work properly for you there. If it’s working at your friend’s house, then you might consider looking at your router. In some situations, the router and the WIFI router are 2 separate boxes. Make sure your WIFI router is 802.11 (g or n). And, if you do have 2 separate boxes (wifi router and cable or dsl router) check the age of your primary router. If it’s old, you might contact your provider to send you and upgrade.
      If you are on DSL and not Cable, then you might have a bandwidth issue. Post back and let us know how things turn out for you!

  • Ella

    Woo! My Roku that I’ve had for months stopped working, and I tried this and it worked. Thanks!

    • scotteallen

      Sweet!! So glad to hear!

  • tomq

    Setting the DNS was what works but for me the TP-LINK Archer 7 router initially would not let my Roku 3 to connect to the 5 GHz band because the Roku 3 was already connected to the 2.4 GHz band. I had to disable the 2.4 Ghz band and rebooted the router. Only then I can connect to the router on 5 Ghz but now had the problem with connecting to the internet and specifying the OpenDNS solved the problem. I did not have to specify OpenDNS on the 2.4 GHz band so that was what seemed strange. I also did not have any of these problem with the TP-Link WDNR3500.

    • scotteallen

      Great reply Tomq. Thanks for the information. Does seem odd not having to specify OpenDNS on the 2.4. However the differential in having two bands to content with could really be a key troubleshooting spot to check. Thanks for your addition to the conversation.

  • monica

    i entered my router address and received a message saying a connection could not be made. i entered it into google and received a lot of ip location finder information. not sure what to do with this.

    • scotteallen

      Monica, have you had any luck since then?

  • Killer BOB

    I just bought a Roku 2 a couple of days ago– have wanted one for a long time, and finally caught a good deal on one. I have yet to be able to watch anything on the infernal little box. Most times it won’t connect to my local area network despite find the wifi with ease. If I am able to connect, it absolutely refuses to give me a link code. Spent two hours on support live chat with no results after several resets and secret screens. Makes me sad that I wanted one for so long, and now I just my money back.

    • Killer BOB

      Slight update: buying a Roku and attempting to get it working was one of the single most frustrating experiences in my life. No matter your ISP it is pretty much impossible to buy a Roku and have it working without having to fiddle with your router. If your ISP doesn’t allow you to change DNS settings well, then, pray you still have your receipt or you’ve got an expensive paperweight on your hands.

      • scotteallen

        Killer BOB. Great input. I’ve installed Roku in 4 homes each having different ISPs (2 in Phoenix, 1 in Anchorage, 1 in Boulder). Three out of 4 of those installs went through without fiddling. It was the Phoenix, Cox install that threw us for a loop in having to update the router’s DNS.

        • Killer BOB

          This is with Xfinity in the Indiana/Ohio area.

          • scotteallen

            Ok, now my curiosity is piqued. I just got Xfinity put into my office. I haven’t worked with Xfinity before. So… for fun–and I needed one anyway– I’ve ordered the Roku Stick. When it comes in, I’ll be able to report how the install goes. BOB, which Roku are you working with?

          • Killer BOB

            Roku 2. It is my understanding that Xfinity does not always disable the ability of their customer to change DNS settings– this particular model from my area office IS set up that way, however.

          • scotteallen

            I got the new Roku stick and it set up and installed on Xfinity here in Boulder without issue.

          • Killer BOB

            I still have my Roku 2, even though I can’t actually use it at home. But I am a WWE fan, and it makes it very easy for me to take my Roku over to a friends for the monthly live specials on WWE Network. The player works flawlessly on every other ISP in the area.

  • Kim

    My daughter just came home with a Roku and was having the same problems!! Followed your instructions and it’s working great!!! Thanks!!!

  • J. Renee Hart

    Oh my goodness, never in my life has an internet forum actually helped me. This is mostly because I feel like I’m reading latin and give up to go sob on the couch. BUT this actually solved my problem. Yay! The internet likes me, it really likes me! Many many thanks!

    • scotteallen

      LOL… How fantastic is that!! Honestly I get so depressed when computers and people don’t work well together. Tech is supposed to make life easier, not push us to kicking the chihuahua. Thank you for the note!

  • I am not able to log into my router – can someone PLEASE
    help – I just purchased this Roku yesterday & still haven’t been able to go beyond the first check – ???

    • scotteallen

      Have you made any progress getting your Roku connected?

      • Hi yes I got it connected after a week of support from Roku over several days – I still have a problem streaming from DramaFever – not american sites tho – so I don’t understand whats wrong with the internet connection – only that when it freezes – I have to reprogram the roku back to square one – which sometimes drives me crazy all over again hahaaha lol

        Than k U for Ur reply to help me tho – I appreciate it

        Be Well

  • wnash

    I got Roku 3 about 2 months ago and worked consistently once I changed the router channel. Now, all of a sudden can’t connect to the Internet. I have Xfinity and their router does not allow DNS change. Any ideas? I’m dead in the water.

    • scotteallen

      Have you had any luck getting your Roku working?

      • Mike

        I had the same problem, but with a Verizon FIOS router. It supplies DHCP info to the Roku that gives the router as the DNS server, and can’t be changed to do otherwise. It also does not function as a resolver, so won’t go to the external DNS server when it can’t resolve a request on its own and the only addresses it resolves are local. The Roku makes this a critical problem by not allowing me to enter a DNS address myself, leaving it non-functional with this router. I had two options: set up a DHCP server on another machine that would be up all the time and turn off DHCP in the router, or return the Roku to the store. I returned the Roku. My Bluray player will stream too, and lets me configure the network settings myself, so it works fine even with the FIOS router. One poorly engineered device is annoying…but the pair of them (Roku and router) was too much.

  • Rahul

    Is there a simple fix? I have the Roku 3 and it wont connect to the local network.

    • scotteallen

      Not able to connect to the local network, is a different sort of issue than not being able to connect to the Internet. Are you not seeing your network as an option when setting up the Roku?

      • ana

        I have the same problem with not being able to connect with the local Internet. And I dont see the network as an option when I try to connect.

  • Ashley Jordyn VanSant

    hi ive changed my router settings to the ones you stated above for DNS1 AND DNS2 and rebooted both devices and still have no luck πŸ™ please help.

  • Nana

    My roku was working fine. Now it won’t connect to internet. The only thing we have done differently is add a wireless printer. Is it possible that this is causing our problem?

  • Jeremy Hansche

    I attempted to put a better router in only to have the roku unable to see the network. What settings within the router would cause this? I can put the old router back in place and everything works fine… Try to use the new router and the local network isnt visible to the roku (however, it is visible to an iphone).

  • bklynma

    Hi all,

    I want to chime in with an alternate fix that worked for me with an Xfinity router that does not permit changing the DNS or disabling MAC filtering.

    I called Comcast/Xfinity and connected to their Internet support team, and the support specialist was SUPER HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY! (I know!!! Yes, this was really Comcast!!!)

    He walked me through the steps and the whole thing took less than five minutes. I’m spelling it all out here, but jump to items 4-6 to get to the heart of the problem if you already know how to manage your router settings:

    1) Log in to manage your router settings. It’s usually with a default username and password of ‘admin’ and ‘password’.

    2) On the left, under ‘Gateway’, select ‘Connection’ then ‘WiFi’.

    3) Click the ‘Edit’ button next to the name and description of your WiFi network.

    4) Change the Network Name (SSID) (as you’re technically setting up a new network to replace your old one) to whatever you want.

    5) Change the ‘Mode’ to 802.11 b/g/n

    6) **This is the key change.** Change the security mode to WPA2-PSK (TKIP). The default on the new Xfinity routers is WPAWPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES). According to the support guy, AES is a better security mode, but Rokus don’t yet support it; so when the Roku looks to connect, it looks only for TKIP, but the router only wants to connect with AES.

    7) There is no need to change the Network Password, unless you feel like it.

    8) Click ‘Save Settings’.

    9) If you’re doing this on a computer that’s connected to WiFi, you will now lose your connection. Go to your machine’s WiFi and look for the new Network Name, enter the password, and connect.

    10) On your Roku, look for the new network name, enter the password, connect. Boom.

    I can’t tell you how much I was dreading getting on the phone with Comcast to try to fix this, but it turned out to be no big deal. I just wish someone would schedule a meeting between Roku and Comcast so they can at least communicate the troubleshooting steps clearly to their shared customers. Roku customer support took up a lot of my time that they could have saved by asking right up front if I had a new Comcast router. They could even have told me how to make this change rather than telling me to call Comcast.

    • Dogsrise

      It worked….(thank you….Really, thank you….)

    • Jerwar

      Wow, of all the sites that I visited and all the time that I spent, your
      solution to this problem was right on. Thanks so much for enabling me
      to solve this perplexing Roku stick connection problem. One suggestion
      that I might suggest would be to NOT change the Network SSID and
      password (unless a new network name is desired) because if you’re like
      me, you would have to go into each and every laptop, tablet, smartphone,
      etc that you and your family owns and individually change each one to
      the new network name/password. Whereas if you make just one change, the
      security mode, you’re good to go for your stick to connect to your
      local network and the rest of your wireless devices remain unaffected
      where no further action is necessary to connect to the internet.

      • Sneha Pandey

        You should call on 1800-585-2494 for support

    • Big killa

      This worked for me thank you so much!!!

    • Jenna

      life saver! thank you!!!! what a hassle this has been – your directions solved it all.

    • Creed

      this was perfect, thank you!

    • Jack Dempsey

      Had trouble connecting through an arris tg682 emta (in conjunction with Comcast), until I found this quick fix. Streaming 15 minutes later. Thanks so much.

    • tbell

      Thanks for posting. This was driving me nuts because I couldn’t figure it out. I tried the steps above and it worked like a charm. Much appreciated!

    • Lucy Vieira

      I’m just having the same problem!! Spent 3 days now between Roku and Comcast!! Very annoying!! i will try to follow your directions!!

    • Goat Man

      Wonder if this has been my problem with my Samsung smart tv? Thanks…will give it a try

    • Matta GFunk

      DUDE! I don’t know if you will ever see this, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this post, which I found through a Google search. I had the exact same problem, and the people at Roku had their heads up their butts, telling me to contact Comcast or Cisco (the router manufacturer) and have them change my DNS settings…I couldn’t believe it was going to be that big of a pain, so I kept searching, and boom, I found your post. Seems a shame that their customer service sends people on a wild goose chase when it appears to be a simple security issue. Thanks again!

      • scotteallen

        That’s awesome. Thanks for the note. πŸ™‚

        • Melanie Mantik

          Hey do you think you could help me? I do not have a router I only have xfinity hotspot and I’m trying to connect to my roku but it says it cannot connect. There’s about 4 different xfinity hotspots shown to connect to so I wonder if you have to create your own somehow.

    • Bless your heart this worked for me. Thank you so much!!!

    • Jelly Bean


    • Heather Tenney

      Thank you! I have battled this issue for over a year now. This was exactly the right solution! It finally works!

      • scotteallen

        Awesome. Glad it worked!

    • Beth Baur Bragg

      it worked! yeah! three green checks. finally.

    • Johnny Law

      Awesome! I haven’t tried this yet, but when I was messing around in the Router setup, I did see that setting and wondered about it. Quite sure I’m having the exact same issue

    • Jenny Louthan

      you’re the real mvp

    • Wow! What a solid fix after months of total frustration. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • patty

      I join the list of people who’s lives you have dramatically changed for the better. Seriously…the hours I put into this! And you solved it! You’re like the Doctors Without Borders of Roku/Samsung/Comcast hell. Thank you!

    • John Maxim

      THANKS. I’m not sure if I had an updated ROKU, but when I clicked on 802.11 b/g/n I got a note saying that my internet would work much slower. So I tried leaving it at 802.11 g/n and just changed the security mode as you stated and it worked perfectly. 10 forums, and this was the answer I needed!!!

    • BJB

      This worked great. I only had to log into the modem and change the WiFi security to WPA2-PSK (TKIP) Left every thing else the same. Was able to connect immediately after making that change. No more error code 14.

    • mike

      Roku website & live chat not much help but, step #6 worked like a charm. Thanks,

    • Jordan Harris

      I would like to thank you good sir (or ma’am). I just received a new router from Xfinity and I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why everything in my house was connected, but not my good ole Roku. Thanks to this comment, I too had it working within 5 minutes. I just changed the security settings and i was good to go.

      I was very close to doing a system restart, so I’m very grateful that i came across this post. That would’ve been a bit of a nightmare.

    • Renee

      A year later saying THAAAAANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

    • Christian McGhee

      After you get your Roku connected you can switch your router back to WPAWPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES). I did this while my Roku 4 was connected and it disconnected momentarily and then reconnected all on its own no problem. This kept me from having to reset my 1/2 dozen other devices that were using AES.

    • Sara

      Yes, it finally works!!! Thank you!

    • Nancy Glod

      You may call on 18005852494 for support on Roku..

    • Mike

      You can call on 1800-585-2494 for Roku

    • Brittany Bernardi

      OH MY GODDDDD MARRY ME.. Thank you thank you thank you omg thank you! The roku service rep couldn’t even do that for me.. I spent hours trying to set up this freaking tv and kept getting error code 003 and kept seeing that I had to change the dns (roku rep also said to do that) but you’re correct.. Xfinity won’t let you! Right after I did what you said and rebooted my router, bam. It worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

      • scotteallen

        LOL. Totally awesome. Thanks so much for the note. My wife told me to post it to Twitter πŸ˜‰

    • Bradley Day

      I’m only give the option of WPAWPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES) OR WPA2-PSK(AES). So no option without AES. Is there a solution to this?

      • I don’t know if this will help you, but for ME: the option did not appear in the dropdown menu. Instead, I ran the “Wizard” under Gateway Settings and then the option to change the WPAWPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES) OR WPA2-PSK(AES) settings appeared. That solved it for me.

        • Roberto JR

          And how do i do that its a att modem u verse model 5268AC please help im in the modem but also dont see it in the drop down menu tab

        • Roberto JR

          Still no luck I actually disable wifi security to open password no wifi password and still tlc roku tv wont fuc*** connect nor on 2ghz or 5ghz omy it use to connect with no issue

        • Roberto JR

          Seriously I want to break the TLC Roku TV

          • Sorry, you have a different modem than what I was working with. Try poking around in different menus and trying a Setup Wizard if available.

          • Roberto JR

            Hey Doug I finally found the way around i made a customer service att man in chat add my roku MAC and finally got it to work thanks

        • Regina

          Going through the wizard showed the WPA2-PSK(TKIP) as an option in the dropdown. Thank you so much!!!!

        • Dorothy L

          What am I doing wrong that I don’t have “Gateway Settings” or “Wizard” in my Belkin router? Belkin AC750 Dual-Band Wireless Router

    • Regina

      THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. I did a bit of tweaking to your instructions based on the comments. I had to go through the wizard because WPA2-PSK(TKIP) was not one of the options as said in Number #6. I ran the “Wizard” under Gateway Settings and then the option to choose WPA2-PSK(TKIP) settings appeared in the dropdown. That solved it for me. I also took the suggestion of someone and I didn’t change the network name at all. Another comment said to change WPA2-PSK(TKIP) back to WPAWPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES). I did that and didn’t have to reset other devices that used AES. Thanks again so much for the help!!!

    • Patricia R Fillips

      i have direct tv and uverse internet. will that work for them? we got a new modem and now my roku will not connect

    • LT

      I signed up for this site just to say thank you for this solution!! It worked for me flawlessly! I am late the to game and this thread has been out I see for years. I have had this NEW television for 2 weeks and I was about to take it back to the store and throw it at the store window. Lol. I don’t like to give up easily, so I kept at it. I even spent an hour on Hisense tech support via chat. That was a total waste of my time! I will never have that hour of my life back! The tech told me that a technician would have to come to my house to replace a part! Really! And how much more money would that be! I had to email a picture of my receipt as proof of purchase as well as provide about 10 pages of information about myself and the television. And then I had to verify it! All to get absolutely no help at all from Hisense tech support! He had to create a help ticket. They did try and get back in touch with me via email, so I will give them back ONE cool point. So anyway, thanks again! This thread will help someone else in two years and they will see my post from 2 years ago and the others from 4 years ago and see that it may still be relevant. Thank you one last time and good night!

      • scotteallen

        What a great response! What a terrible ride you’ve been on. So glad this thread has helped. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s still going strong after all this time. Thanks again. Have a great day!

    • Aamna Hafeez

      Thank you so much! I literally would have never figured this out in a million years

    • Catherine Chrusciel

      Wow. Thank you for saving me time, money, and any more aggravation!!! I followed your steps, and I think changing the mode from b/g to b/g/n did the trick. And I wholeheartedly agree that Comcast and Roku should communicate so people like myself don’t have to search online for help!!!
      Thank you again, if I could send you a Dunkin Donuts gift card I would snatch it away from the mailman in a heartbeat!!!

    • Leah Elizabeth

      This worked perfectly. Thank you!

  • Jean

    I have had my roku for three months, it says it is connected to the internet and connection is “excellent”, the router is in the next room, (wifi). Intermittently it will lose the connection, but today I cannot watch a moving without it saying No cable detected. It is still connected, everything is still up and running, so what is going on??? I am not a computer person either, so I don’t understand the jargon. lol..

    • hope

      I am having the EXACT same issue. Ive had my unit about a year.

  • Crystal

    you can also do basic setup in wireless and switch your channel from auto to 11 worked for us

    • Splum

      Ty! This fixed my connection problem!

  • Israel Lopez

    to fix the connection of your roku to the internet you need to change your pig on your roku from disable to enable by going to a secret screen by pressing Platform Settings H – H – H – H – H – FF – P – RW – P – FF . (h-is home. ff- is fast foward p is play rw is rewind) and go to ping and enable it and then hit back or reboot

    • Randy Thompson

      How can i do that when i can even do anything on my roku my remotes dont work oor anything

    • Julie

      I have been looking for this code! When I moved into my apartment 10 months ago I called roku for some help, wrote this down somewhere, and have needed it a few times since when my network goes down. well this time I ransacked my house for that random sticky note….no luck, so thank you!!

    • Shane

      Dude, you are awesome. Went in and enabled it and it connected right up.. You are a savior as Ohio State is on in 15 minutes. Much Praise

  • Israel Lopez

    other secret screen on rokuTitleCodeSecret Settings ScreenH – H – H – H – H – FF – FF – FF – RW – RWSecret Settings Screen 2H – H – H – H – H – U – R – D – L – UChannel Info/Installed Software VersionsH – H – H – U – U – L – R – L – R – LDeveloper SettingsH – H – H – U – U – R – L – R – L – RQuality Settings/Bitrate Override ScreenH – H – H – H – H – RW – RW – RW – FF – FFWifi Secret ScreenH – H – H – H – H – U – D – U – D – UPlatform SettingsH – H – H – H – H – FF – P – RW – P – FFAntennaH – H – H – H – H – FW – D – RW – D – FFReboot?H – H – H – H – H – U – RW – RW – FW – FWLetterKeyUUpLLeftRRightDDownBBackHHomeLetterKeyRWRewindFFFast ForwardPPlay/PauseREResetOOKAAsterisk (*)

    • Web Webster

      Totally agree. But you missed one H, the one that begins the combination H – E – L- L. Thus do not pass GO and you cannot collect your $$. By the way if you desire “ROKU Support” it is $9 plus per call, with no way to get your money back should support not work. This only applies to older units experiencing the tearful “Error Code 014” which is randomly disseminated annually with different combinations of “fix” in order to entice upgrading to new units of ROKU and thus begins the cycle a new.

  • hypefine

    I don’t know how or why this trick works with the DNS…but it worked for me! like a charm!

  • Peter

    Thank you so much for your article! I was going crazy trying to figure out why my Roku would not work! Your fix got my system up and running right away!

  • nanabarr

    I have the roku 2 which has worked great for about 2 years and now it will not connect to the internet. I have unplugged the roku and the tv and still nothing. On the screen for settings it shows my wi fi but it does not show up in the list to pick from. Please help!

  • chas in Texas

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, THIS WORKS GREAT!!!!!

  • Susie

    I used the reset button! Worked well!

  • JC

    Old WiFi with xfinity broke had to replace wifi roku doesn’t work now,what to do?

  • carl

    my router has 3 d n s settings what should I set the third one to

  • Debbie

    My Roku stick worked fine till today. It will connect to wifi for a minute then disconnect, then reconnect and on and on. I dont know how to fix this. My wifi is working fine.

  • Beth

    I spent a couple of hours on this, then checked my laptop’s wireless connection. It didn’t have a connection and I realized that the problem was with my wireless router. A loose connection or something, and not my Roku at all. (My laptop is direct, so I didn’t realize it was a wireless problem.)

  • Menen C Kim

    bklynma post had the fix that worked for me. Thanks!! If the blog post doesn’t fix it, scroll down and find other suggestions. Glad I did.

  • F S

    I entered the but did not get asked for my entry code.

    • F S

      Where do i need to enter my entry code?

  • Valerie Hawkes-Howat

    I fixed this problem with my Roku 3 / Motorola router by logging into the router management site and clicking the box to enable WPA-PSK security. (PSK stands for “pre-shared key”). The 20-character security code from the router’s printed label popped into the field below. I then typed that key into into the network connection menu’s “password” field and it worked!

  • Nakiesha Brown

    Hi, I have the same or similar issue. I have a comcast router and I’m connected to the internet via xfinity wifi, using cable login and password, not the name and password set on the router. I quite cable, i log on with my moms hot spot..i tried roku and chromecast, and neither give the option of entering a password for the xfinity network, it just automatically tries to connect if selectef. I had same problem when trying to connect 2 old blue ray players that were previously on the network. My network. I cut the cord to save money, and been streaming from my laptop, but i want a smaller device. I’ve made terms with being limited to internet tv. I have Netflix and hulu, and just finished my trial of sling tv. I’m ready to commit to a device, and it’s not working. Other post say to change the dni setting on router. I don’t know how to do that, and i don’t know if it will work, since my router is attached to my old cable account. My laptops are able to connect fine, by me entering my mom’s xfinity loggin (not the routers login). Please help. I’m willing to pay for just internet, but there no other provider in my area.

  • Amy

    Thank you ! Thank you ! Was so proud of myself for losing the massive satellite bill then the roku stops. This worked ! Happy dance

  • Marven Blenus

    I’m using windows 10, when I unplug my computer from the wireless device. The Roku connects fine. About two minutes after I plug my Computer back into the wireless router, Roku loses connection. With me there seems to be something with windows 10 that is causing the issue. I found this out through the process of elimination. My Roku works fine if computer is not connected. Only thing is I can’t share files from my computer to the Roku…With me it seems windows 10 is the culprit…

  • shelia tillotson

    having a connection problem with my roku 1 say not connected



    • scotteallen


  • LaurenMalhoit

    Thank you so much!

  • M Shively

    DOUBLE WOW…….. fantastic information and it works. Got o help from roku support and comcast people slow to help. GLAD I did a google search and found this info.

    • Jennifer Leigh Etheridge

      I keep seeing everyone say thanks for the info but I don’t see the info?

  • BJB

    Great post. Newer comcast modems default with AES in there security settings. I used one without AES without having to change anything else and bam everything finally worked. No more error code 14 when trying to connect to the local network.

  • Jennifer Nedro Esterle

    My Roku 2 is suddenly not connecting to internet…WIFI yes, not internet. I have TWC and hate to call for service because I can never understand the CS person. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Jane Bidinger

    OMG! You are Awesome! Thank you

  • Cerena Lynn

    What if you have a router that won’t let you change the DNS settings? Neither my roku or my wii will connect to the internet to stream netflix or hulu.

  • Kathleen

    I am electronically challenged so need to call Comcast to fix my Roku problem. The message on Roku is it can’t find my wireless connection. My question is do you own your Roku box or did you buy it from Comcast? Comcast told me because I own my Roku they won’t come out although it is obviously a wireless problem. I have TV, internet and phone service through Comcast.

    • Lisa

      My Roku3 would not work with Arris TG862 router. Searching this blog site, I called Comcast and told them to change the channel to 11, the mode to b/g/n and security settings to WPA2-PSK TKIP. Tried to watch my Roku3 and it kept buffering, moved my router next to my Roku. Now the Roku is not having any buffering issues.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for the info, this helped. I too was connecting to my router by wifi with the Roku but on the last set up step I couldn’t connect to the Internet….kept getting the red “x”. I changed my DNS to the Google DNS on my Arris TWC router. However, I had to take additional steps to connect to the Internet with my Roku2. I had to change my router wifi security setting to WPA/PSK with the TKIP/AES encryption to make it work. Apparently this encryption works best with the Roku device. I also took my router of auto setting and moved it to Chanel 11 and BINGO! Connected and working great! Good luck all.

  • Dawn Cohenour

    Ok we moved and I hooked up the roku 3 just like before and nothing is coming up ? Can anyone help me please?

  • Linda Lee

    We are renting a house in florida. I brought my Roku stick thinking i could just plug it in to a TV here and , like magic, I could start streaming. will not connect? Suggestion? There is internet here…

  • mindy

    My Roku could not even see my wireless network turns out in the Wireless – 802.11 Radio I had to change form 5GHz to 2.4GHz

  • Lara Douglis

    Contact Roku support at phone number- 1-800-585-2494

  • johnnycatt

    For those of us who are NOT networking wizards…

    .EASY FIX FOR THIS PROBLEM:You need to run down to BestBuy or OfficeDepot and pick up a new cable modem/router (not just a modem). I got the Netgear N600 Model C3700. $119.00! I have Androids, iPhones, Roku, Raspberry PI’s, iPads, a MacBook and an HP Laptop all wi-fi-ing their little processors off thru this bad-boy Netgear! Set-up took about 10 minutes and I needed my Comcast/Xfinity Account# and the Telephone# associated with the account.

    I spent MONTHS chasing similar problems!! The problem is Comcast’s
    Modem/Router you are leasing. Comcast doesn’t think it’s a problem,
    because they are a cable company – not an internet provider, so calling
    Comcast/Xfiinty customer service will just leave you chasing your tail.
    Comcast/Xfinity DOESN’T want ROKU competing with their “cable division”
    for advertiser’s $$$.

    Unfortunately, unless you are a networking WIZARD (I do it as a hobby
    and it was over my head), you will never get a rock-solid Roku
    performance using the modem/router Comcast is leasing (Fleeciing) to
    you!! SO, Stop paying them $10/month to rent the most restrictive
    modem/router that you could use!! IT’S GARBAGE! and you will never get
    your money’s worth out of it!! (You cannot even set-up a simple e-mail server.. jezz)

    It was the FIRST time I had watched my Roku without 10 interruptions per hour (When I COULD run my Roku – most times it would not connect) since I got Comcast… The Roku runs like a CHAMP now that I got Comcast’s modem/router out of the network!

  • Nancy Glod

    You may call on 18005852494 for support on Roku.

    • Oh, Nancy! It seems that I have caught you in a lie, unfortunately. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, only to find that you have posted the same phone number as a support number to Netflix, a Vizio TV, and Windows 10 on various blogs. I am sorry to have caught you being dishonest, but most blog writers find it very distasteful for others to dishonestly try to somehow benefit from their hard work, especially when those people are posting inaccurate information in the process.

      Unfortunately Nancy, I am going to have to report all your posts as SPAM. I am so sorry that you have put everyone, including yourself, in this extraordinarily uncomfortable situation.

      • scotteallen

        Michael, I read some of your other exchanges with Nancy, what is your read on “her”? Thanks for keeping an eye out!

  • berry todar

    i had the same issue and i got fixed by roku customer care 1866-283-6613

  • John

    Awesome explanation! Took me less than a minute to get my roku 2 connected once I read this post! Thanks for taking the time to put this up for everyone!

    • scotteallen

      Awesome John. Thanks for posting!

  • deshizle

    Is there an alternative if settings don’t have the option of WPA2-PSK TKIP? I currently have a comcast router and it doesn’t give me that option, only WPAWPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES) or WPA2-PSK AES

    • 4dmdl

      having the same problem– have you found a fix?

      • Regina

        I found my answer to this in one of the comments. Worked like a charm. Run the “Wizard” under Gateway Settings and then the option to choose WPA2-PSK(TKIP) settings appeared in the dropdown. That solved it for me.

  • Dion Davis

    I just purchased a roku 4 and it emits no signal. Called roku tech support who logged in to my computer and tried to tell me my firewall was out and that’s why it wouldn’t connect…but for 1 or 3 or 5 years, he will sell me a network protection plan. Seriously???
    My roku 3 works just fine.

  • Carlos Jearmy

    Roku Technical Helpline 1 855 777 1707 Toll free Number.

  • Rabbex

    Thank you so much! After years of working fine through location and router changes, my Roku 2 XD just stopped connecting to the wireless the other day. Absolutely nothing changed that I know of. After a lot of failed suggestions from Roku tech support, they told me to call Time Warner. I thought that was unlikely to be helpful because…Time Warner. I was getting ready to just give up and buy a new Roku, but I kept searching and found this page. Fortunately it is my router (not Time Warner’s) and I was able to easily log in and change the DNS settings. It felt like an absolute miracle when it worked!! Thanks again!

    • scotteallen

      What an awesome comment, and fantastic turn out for you! Glad things worked out. Thank you!

  • Jason

    Our RV park updated their parks WIFI and since, My ROKU 2 wont work. All devices that connect have to go to a web page by cox communications and check a box that says I agree to the terms, before you can connect. Since there is no web browser on my ROKU how do I work around this issue?

    • scotteallen

      Jason, did you ever find a solution to this problem?

  • Fried

    I spent hours trying to set up this freaking tv and kept getting error code 003 and kept seeing that I had to change the dns (roku rep also said to do that) but you’re correct.. Xfinity won’t let you! Right after I did what you said and rebooted my router, bam. It worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

    • scotteallen


  • Kevin T

    This worked. Thank you so much for posting this and helping me avoid xfinity customer disservice.

    • scotteallen

      lol… awesome. Glad it worked for ya!

  • JmarcusP

    For anyone who was unable to connect their Roku using the above method and their IP address on the Roku shows all zeros the following simple method provided by Verizon support did it. I had previously gone through every option listed on this and other websites/blogs. In order to connect my two Roku devices all I had to do was reset my routers SSID name and select a new password. These were updated, the Rokus saw the new SSID and I put in the new password…voila’…simple fix and now they work!

    • scotteallen

      Thanks for the update!

  • Online Roku Support
  • Online Roku Support

    follow instructions here to resolve errors @

  • Laura

    I have a Sharp-Roku TV and it keeps resetting itself every 5 minutes. I admit at first, I had a cheapo router. I went out and bought $150 Motorola router and I’m still having the same issue. My TV will not connect to my “Local Network”. All my other devices connected perfectly fine except for my TV. My router is right next to my TV too. I’ve tried enabling and disabling pins. I tried changing the DSN but it only comes up as an error code. Please help!

    • scotteallen

      Laura, sorry to hear about your frustration. It might be a good idea to get someone on-site to assist with the troubleshooting. Intermittent problems can be very challenging unless you can get involved with the hardware/software itself. However, that being said, JmarcusP posted a comment 1 month ago that could have merit for you. His comment appears just below yours in my blog.

  • Leah

    I was trying to fix this for hours with tech support and then I found your answer and it worked so easy and I’m super happy thank you so much

    • scotteallen

      Awesome! Thanks for the comment.

  • Regina

    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. I did a bit of tweaking to your instructions based on the comments. I had to go through the wizard because WPA2-PSK(TKIP) was not one of the options as said in Number #6. I ran the “Wizard” under Gateway Settings and then the option to choose WPA2-PSK(TKIP) settings appeared in the dropdown. That solved it for me. I also took the suggestion of someone and I didn’t change the network name at all. Another comment said to change WPA2-PSK(TKIP) back to WPAWPA2-PSK (TKIP/AES). I did that and didn’t have to reset other devices that used AES. Thanks again so much for the help!!!

  • Tina Aldrich

    I bought two 32 inch Insignia Roku TV’s for my daughters for Christmas, one is connecting with no problem but the other only connects for a few minutes or does not connect at all. I have went to the secret screens and disable pings on both tvs and still no results, any suggestion?
    Exhausted Mama

  • curlytop7

    Bklynma, two years later and your advice is still helping people. I got my new Roku stick today and was about to tear out my hair trying to get my WiFi to work. It worked fine with my old Roku but that one kept randomly resetting so I had to replace it. Your advice, plus another person’s response to use the wizard to find tkip, got my new Roku stick working. I, and my intact hair, thank you.

    • scotteallen

      LOL.. awesome. I figure when traffic starts to thin out on this post, something new will be replacing Roku. I wonder what that might be?

  • Heather Coshow

    So I am trying to jump on the Roku bandwagon but I seem to not be able to connect. Roku was super helpful by asking me if it was plugged in. I’m using a Linksys AC1200 smart router and all devices work fine….except the Roku express. Yes it is plugged in, the start screen comes on and let’s me choose English and my network as well as entering my password. Then it says it will download the latest update but progress stays at 0% then after 30 seconds it restarts and goes right back to the connection screen. I can see that it is online as the time is correct and no longer says not connected while it’s attempting to download updates. My router also shows it is connected. Security mode is WPA2/WPA mixed with the option mentioned in post not listed. Help me for the love of everything that is good in this wretched techy world to get this ridiculous thing to work. I have been on the phone with support 6 hours today and I’m about to snap.

    • scotteallen

      Heather, you really made me laugh with your line “help me for the love of everything that is good in this wretched techy world…” We all feel your pain. I still suspect that your router is set to an internal IP address, and that’s preventing your Roku from connecting to the outside world. Other devices such as computers, phones and tablets are smarter and handle their own DNS. Roku. Not so much. Have you looked into your router’s settings as outlined in the steps above? Also, something you might try is to take the Roku to someone else’s home (different network) and try it there. See if it connects. Let us know how it turns out.

      • Heather Coshow

        I was about to return the Roku and set fire to my house when a guest at my house had an idea. He used his phone as a hot spot to install Roku and then did something (probably should’ve paid attention here….ooops) in the security settings on my computer to the network. I tried everything mentioned above while in the router settings which did nothing but whatever he did in the computer security settings fixed it. I’ll ask him next time I see him exactly what magic buttons and mouse clicks he used to create such wonder..let’s just say now that I’m up and running I’m super stoked with my Roku!!

        • scotteallen

          Nice! Love to hear back what his procedure turned out to be. πŸ™‚

  • Kathleen

    Hi, I am struggling with the no connection issue on my Hisense with built in Roku. It worked beautifully for 24+ hours, the next day I kept getting the no connection issue. I was connecting with a hotspot via my phone that was less than 10 feet away from the TV. I never even froze, etc. Now, I cannot get it to connect, though it recognizes the Android device signal and notes it as good. I can connect to Wifi from my phone w/out any issue. I have done all the typical things. Any ideas?

  • James Campbell

    Your solution fixed my problem. Thanks

    • scotteallen

      Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. πŸ™‚

  • manuelplaud

    Tengo Roku express y pago 20.00 todos los meses para ver tv o peliculas,me disen que no hay por que pagar

  • Len Wilson

    I have an Asus RT-AC66U router and a Roku Ultra. I had to change the security settings to WPA (TKIP+AES) from WPA2. Thanks for your help!

  • Sahara

    Won’t connect to internet says error 003 no clue what that is

  • Shannon murphy

    Can’t connect to wifi, entered password 4 times won’t accept

  • Kirti verma

    Troubleshooting Belkin Router

    Please Unplug Your Belkin Router And Modem From Power Outlet .

    Disconnect the Internet Cable Between Belkin router And Modem (Internet Services Provider ).

    Restart Your Computer And Wait For 1 minutes

    Plug Everything Back And Turn The Router And Modem On.

    For more details kindly visit

  • Kenneth Jones

    My Roku was working just fine until a power failure happened. When the lights came back on, so did everything else accept for my Roku. Any suggestions?

  • Kevin Milan

    It will worke . i had same problem then after google i got solution at . Thanks finally works!!!

  • JJ Carlson

    SANITY SAVER SUGGESTION while you are trying all these fixes on your TCL Roku TV (none of which worked for me: my TCL worked for 1.5 years before glitching on the wifi, although I’m very grateful for this lengthy list of things to try). Put the TV in “Store Mode” and then play around with that and find the Settings and turn off the store banners and set up the HDMI and antenna options. You can still watch your cable or network tv through the antenna in, or your Fire Stick through your HDMI port! After you have a functioning TV you can tackle the wifi at a more leisurely pace. At least that is what I will do, since my 30-day return window long expired. Also, I find since I got my Amazon Fire Stick I never use the Roku part of this TV anymore, EVER. But it is a bargain priced quality TV so if it works for you in Store Mode it may be “good enough” to keep on that basis alone. Or not.

  • melvin jones

    melvin jones

  • Jennifer Woodman

    Thank you so much! It was simply frustrating that my roku wouldn’t connect after it had no problems previously. This worked!

    • scotteallen

      Awesome. Thanks for the note! πŸ™‚

  • snn

    Thanks, Scott, By following your advice I was able to retrieve the Internet connection on my Roku 3

    • scotteallen

      Fantastic, SNN. Glad it worked!

  • LaVona Varner

    My Roku has been working for about a month and now all of a sudden, it stopped. It appears to be loading and I know my wi-fi is ok but it just wont connect.

    • scotteallen

      Hi LaVona, did you ever resolve this issue with your Roku?

  • Charlene Morrison

    I have been watching Roku for two or three months and all of a sudden it froze. So I called a number and they said I need to pay a one-time activaction fee. I had already paid a fee two months or so ago so why do I need to pay another? Is this a scam or are they funding terrorism or is it legit? I’m wondering.

  • Greg

    I have 4 roku devices (2 sticks, a roku 2 and a roku express). All of the remotes failed and 3 of the devices have failed. They all seem to work fine for about a year then they start to get stubborn and eventually fail. Need to find something far more reliable!!

  • Roku knocked off my computer on the internet, firewall shows attempt at UDP connect to my PC IP from Roku IP. Trying to isolate Roku on Guest wireless instead, there is no place to replace the password, network reset & restart on Roku failed to make any changes, seems to show network IP without a proper login, says everything is good, but does not login to accounts & cannot connect to any streams or shows.

  • How does Roku connect to my wireless router without requiring an encrypted WPA2/AES password, in fact it doesn’t ask for a password at all ? If it wasn’t for my father and his addiction to soccer matches, I would’ve flung it out the window long ago. Streaming is for losers.

  • Jerry Pannell

    my roku hooks up all but youtube.i,ve tried another wifi addtess and nothing ive reset it and shut it down by the box but it still will not hook up

  • Vic Bowker

    I turned off the Band Steering and the Airtime Quality Prioritization on both bands and that worked.

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  • jennifer hudson

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  • Maria Mangione-Otterson

    roku express help please!
    i can connect to everything but when i choose an app tp play, i get the message, hulu, or netflix, could not be reinstalled

  • Waseem

    I had to reset my router then it started working

  • Diana Shropshire

    I have T-Mobile hotspot and I can’t connect with the ruko what should I do.bive call T-Mobile all my settings are correct on my phone my hotspot is working but it want connect to the ruko. Keep saying wireless connection not connected. Please help

  • kwicko

    My Roku 2 XD just decided this afternoon that it no longer wants to connect to my WiFi network, at all. It was working fine this morning, but now seems to be kaput. I have done soft and hard resets, rebooted the router and in short done everything I can think of to get it working again, but to no avail.

    Meanwhile, my other devices (2 iPads, 2 Android phones, a MacBook Pro laptop, an older MacBook laptop, two iMac computers, a PS3, a PS2, my Airport Extreme base station, and my AppleTV, along with my wife’s RokuTV in the other bedroom, are all working perfectly.

    I’m of the opinion that the Roku box has just finally croaked it.

  • Brenda Harper

    HELP! My ROKU was working fine, Then my WIFI provider went out for a few hours ATT πŸ™ When it came back, My ROKU is not finding the
    WIFI, I have reset it & put it the password several times, It still says it is not connected .. Error 016. Any suggestions? I tried unplugging it also. Thank you!

    • Jon Kearney

      Same here. Did you figure it out? AT&T wanted me to pay for advanced support.

      • scotteallen

        Jon, I’m curious if you were able to resolve this issue with your Roku?

        • Jon Kearney

          It seems to have resolved itself for the most part, although my ROKU TV still occasionally gets booted from the network.

    • scotteallen

      Brenda, I’m curious if you were able to resolve this issue with your Roku?

  • Diane Bryan Brown

    Thanks for your help … this has been driving me crazy. I was finally able to connect to the internet. I followed the above directions. I replaced the internal DNS address with a public DNS address. What worked for us was using Google’s public DNS. So set DNS1 to and DNS2 to . Great to know others were having the same problem and it wasn’t just me. Looking forward to using Roku without any interruptions. Streaming great now!

    • scotteallen

      lol… awesome. I love it when a plan comes together. πŸ™‚

  • Tech vaidya (Techvaidya)

    We think Technology can be Picky Sometimes. We Truly are glad that we Read Ur Article And i was Impressed. On Second thought we have also Tried few things That helped us problems Related With Roku Here . You have given the right steps But again its just 5 Year Old Article With good Story Telling. i loved Reading that Try see if our article also Helps you solve the issue

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  • susane carol

    This article helps in fixing and setting up Roku .Visit us to overcome Roku error code 014 Comcast.

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