to iPad or not to iPad

The other day I was asked if I was going to buy an iPad. Here was my response.

What I’m looking for now is an ebook reader…like the Kindle. The reading experience on the iPad looks to be better. The joojoo is another story altogether as that device used to be called the CrunchPad co-developed by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch.

The controversy is that Michael is accusing the company he partnered with to help him develop the JooJoo/Crunchpad of stealing the Crunchpad and cutting him out of the deal. They say he didn’t contribute. He says he did…who knows what the truth is?

For me it comes down to content. Which device; Kindle, JooJoo, iPad is going to allow me to access the most content?  How many books, magazines, movies, applications am I going to be able to access through the Apple Store vs. the other devices?

It’s not so much about the device itself, it’s what the device allows me to connect to that will help my decision. At this point, I’m in for an iPad…it will play nice with my Mac, iPod, and iPhone. I can use it as a reader and it will help me leave my laptop behind. Call me a fanboy but I hammer on Apple products all day long for my business and they never let me down (knock on something lucky).

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