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Make your WordPress iphone Friendly

Wouldn’t it be nice if your blog could detect if it’s being visited by a mobile browser and reformat itself accordingly?

Hitting any wordpress site from your iphone (or other touch-enabled) device can be a bit of a bummer for your readers. Without a doubt it’s better than the dark ages of Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

Today we take enlightened browsing from our mobile devices for granted, but that’s not to say there isn’t room improvement. Access your blog from iTouch or iPhone (or one of those other Apple knockoffs) and you’ll see what I mean…

Even when you enlarge the screen, the user interface presupposes you have the benefit of a full monitor and a mouse.

That’s why when I stumbled across WpTouch, a free WordPress plugin from Bravenewcode I had to do a little happy dance.

By adding WpTouch to your blog you instantly optimize it for mobile viewing. In fact the formatting is so nice that it almost makes your regular, un-mobilized blog seem so…passé.

Easier to show you this little gem rather than blather on about it. Below are my before and after photos.

Wordpress on iPhone before WpTouch

Wordpress on iPhone after WpTouch is installed

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