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Monitor Suddenly Turns Black & White

Some funny people like to play jokes on others by screwing with their computers. Personally, I think practical jokes that include someone’s computer are about as funny as getting your sneaks tied together and thrown up onto a telephone wire. However, goofy things happen to good people.

A friend called me today and said that his girlfriend’s Macbook monitor was displaying only in black and white. Honestly, I thought he was just screwing with me. But it turned out to be a real issue.

System Preferences (click to enlarge)

So, if you happen to be on a Mac laptop, and the screen is showing up B&W, it’s possible that you’re either the victim of a joker, or maybe you’ve accidentally turned on the “use grayscale” feature designed for those with disabilities.

Here is the fix:

Open System Preferences —-> Universal Access —->

You’ll see big words for Display:  To the right of that you should see a check box next to “Use grayscale,” uncheck that box.  Voila! You have color.

Universal Access (click to enlarge)

If you don’t have color at this point, then get thee to a Genius. If you feel like this is a good April Fools joke for someone, then you might make sure those running shoes are on your feet.

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