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Ditching Delicious for Pinboard

I was a Delicious addict until my Firefox got so junked up with plugins that I gave them all up for the speed of Safari. When I defected to Safari I lost my toolbar access to Delicious. That sucked ass. Delicious was an integral part of my day. Now with Yahoo! looking to ditch Delicious, one of the pillars of Web 2.0 culture, I’m prepared to do the same. R.I.P. Delicious. Hello Pinboard.

First the big wins that convinced me to defect to Pinboard:

1. It works with Safari by installing a button on my tool bar (yaay!!)

2. Migrating from Delicious is a snap. You can import all your Delicious bookmarks in just a few clicks.

Here is one “kicker,” if you can call it that.  Pinboard isn’t free. In fact the price goes up depending on the number of users. I had no problem giving Maciej Ceglowski my $9.20. I’m happy to support such a vital service. Here is a good interview with Maciej on Net@Night.

*Take note all you blog and social jocks. That “Share this” widget you have on your sites will need to include Pinboard.

What is Pinboard? What is Delicious for that matter? Pinboard is a tagging service that you use to store your bookmarks. Instead of using the Bookmark feature on your browser, which is restricted to just your machine and categorically limited. Seriously I can’t remember the last time I purposefully saved a bookmark on my web browser. That’s so 1990’s.

Here is just a handful of other reasons why you might use a service like this:

1. Bookmarks on Pinboard are available on any device. You can add bookmarks from your iPhone or iPad apps as well as from any web browser. Reeder, for instance, has Pinboard integrated to make it easy to pop and tag an article you like into your bookmarks.

2. You can apply your own searchable tagging system for grouping bookmarks. For instance, if you like Bubbies Pickles, you could group any website that talks about Bubbies or products you associate with Bubbies. Tags are clickable. So when you want to pull up everything you’ve found on the net that relates to Bubbies Pickles you’re only a click away. (my x-wife can attest, these are the best f-ing pickles on the planet).

3. When you set it up, you can automatically add URLs from your Instapaper, Twitter, and Google Reader accounts. This helps with the ephemeral nature of all those links you collect.

4. Tag pages for others to find, which makes collaborating easier.

Now I know the web is supposed to be “dead” and I’ve heard Google is reporting lower PPC volume. But I cannot see a day anytime soon when services like Pinboard are irrelevant. Thanks Delicious for the memories. You were a great service. Too bad you got taken over by a bunch of yahoos.

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