Mismatched Headlines and Banners

Sometimes auto-generated headlines and images for Banner Ads are complete mismatches. Here is one I came across this morning from iStock.

“Over 9 million images that are beautiful, affordable and…” filled with fire, destruction and the end of humanity! But…hey they are beautiful! (not to mention they are SAFE to download! What a relief.)

Here is another one I found last year. This still makes me laugh:

Along with the Amber alert for a “baby stolen from a crib” was shown an ad for Cribs. God knows if your baby goes missing the first thing you’re going to do is replace the crib! I mean, hell man that last crib was jinxed!!

But the real payoff for this mismatch is the headline for the Banner Ad: “Sieze Todays’ Top Bargains!” now that’s just funny…or not.


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