How Vulnerable Are We, The Deplorable State of Cyber Security in the U.S.

The deplorable state of corporate & government cyber security in the U.S. should keep us ALL awake at night.

Please carve out an hour of your time to focus on the issues discussed in the video embedded below.

Take time to educate yourself about good personal security hygiene. Keep this conversation alive in your companies, and with our legislators and with your friends and relatives.

Even if you are a computer troglodyte, you must be aware that these are issues that can impact your very way of life. Yes, these are complex issues. However, to remain ignorant (or aloof about technology), to blame your age, or presumed lack of intelligence, or lot in life on shunning a greater knowledge about how our technical world connects, or to think that you are not responsible, or don’t make a difference, is negligent (res ipsa loquitur).

Face it, you live in a technical world. It’s complex. It’s not like it was yesterday. We all have to do our part–to put in the hard work– to further understand the hidden workings and risks of the technical fabric that binds us all.

Please carve out an hour of your time to watch this video:

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