How to Pair with the SolidPin Mini Wireless In-ear Earphone

Oh my gosh. Talk about inscrutable instructions! When my step-son received the SolidPin Mini Wireless in-ear earphone from Amazon, we were at a loss as to how to pair it with his phone. The instructions, which are full of typos, said to “Put device into standby mode.” Then gave NO explanation as to just how to do that.

I can’t believe we had to fiddle-fart with this single (single?) ear bud for so long to get it to pair. Once we figured it out, it was easy, but the instruction booklet was no help. Googling for this problem only led us back to Amazon. So we looked up similar devices until we found what we needed.

Here’s the fix:

  1. With the device off, hold down the button (the only button) until you see SolidPin’s lights flashing back and forth between red and blue. Here you are holding down the button longer than you would if you were just turning on the device.
  2. When the lights are cycling automatically between red and blue, the SolidPin Mini is in Pairing mode. If the lights aren’t cycling, you haven’t held the button down long enough.
  3. Check your phone’s Bluetooth for new devices.
  4. When you see GS-M8 appear in your list of discoverable Bluetooth connections, tap it to accept it.
  5. You should be good to go!

Easy when you know, right? This thing reminds me of the days when I used to program telephones, with binary instructions like “To change the LCD back light brightness Press & Hold+3+6+9 (simultaneously).” Fooey!

There is NO extra packaging with the SolidPin Mini earbud. I almost threw the box out after it was opened thinking it was empty. Scant attention has been paid to the Lilliputian instruction booklet that comes with it. In fact, there is zero mention on the English side that ties these instructions to this device. How do the people at the factory know which booklet to include when shipping? IDK.

Anywhoo… that’s it. BTW, the report so far is that the SolidPin Mini Wireless in-ear earphone sounds good, has excellent battery life and charges fast. So if you’re looking for a single earbud, my bud says this bud’s for you.


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