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How to Fix Upside Down Temperature Display on Your Jacuzzi

Sometimes I get to write about the most mundane things. The other day I noticed that the temperature display on our jacuzzi was upside down. See photo. What in the world could cause that? I figured power surge. But then I went to my tried-and-true scapegoat: the kids.

Kids have the funniest way of getting in and out of jacuzzis all while hitting combinations of buttons that the manufacturer didn’t consider to be possible. It’s odd how easy it is for a kid during jacuzzi egress or ingress to a) turn the power completely off — surprise your tub is COLD. b) turn the jets on in a way that requires a shaman and a smudge stick to turn them back off. Or, now my current favorite, c) invert the temperature display.

The fix was easy, but finding it on Google took a bit of doing. For what keywords does one search? ‘Display upside down’? It’s not the whole display. ‘Screen inverted’? I got a lot of mechanical fix-it stuff in my search responses. Fortunately, I landed on the right keyword combination with: ‘spa temperature displays upside down’, and found this page:

The fix for a HotSprings Jacuzzi with the Hot Spot display is as follows:

Simultaneously press the MODE (down arrow) and Minus buttons To invert the temperature display. Repeat this if you want to switch it back (because, yes, being able to read the temp while you’re in the jacuzzi is nice.)

Thank you Google. Once again you’ve saved me. us. them…

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